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Products > MHPS 1.0 (Man Hour Posting System 1.0) > Customizing

MHPS allows a company to establish certain company norms and requirements within the system in form of customizing settings. Permissible customizing settings in the system are:

Company fiscal year details
Administrator user can set the company fiscal year within which the postings of man hour activities are allowed. At the end of the fiscal year, the administrator can set the new fiscal year.

Accounting elements
Accounting elements are organisational elements used to budget expenditure and accumulate costs involved for various activities. A company can chose from following accounting elements:
  • Work Breakdown Structure elements (WBS)
  • Sales Orders
  • Internal Orders
part from the optional accounting elements mentioned above, the system has default (obligatory) accounting element of Cost Centers.

Following man hour posting combinations are possible in the system:
  • WBS Element + Activity
  • Sales Order + Activity
  • Internal Order + Activity
  • Cost Centre + Activity
  • User Cost Centre + Statistical key figure (unproductive activity)
Master data source

MHPS can be used as a complete stand alone system or as an extension of central corporate ERP system (for e.g. SAP). Based on the type of utilization, the master data source can be defined. Master data can be either "Imported" from the central ERP system or it can be "Maintained" manually by the authorized user within the system.

Note: This setting can be set ONLY ONCE. To change this setting, the administrator has to reinstall the system by deleting the entire data from the system.

Master data management
  • Import of Master data
    Based on the master data source, the required master data can be ?Imported? in the system using this function.
  • Manual maintenance of master data
    Based on the master data source, the required master data can be ?Maintained? manually using this function. Relevant master data maintenance forms are activated to create/change/display the required master data.
User defaults
To avoid browsing through a large amount of data while posting the man hours, every user is given a possibility to maintain his/her own default values. During the posting of man hours, the user has the option of selecting values from his/her defaults or from the database. This helps to reduce unnecessary access of the data from the database and makes the entries more user friendly.

MH posting
Users are given the options of maintaining their man hours in the system on a DAILY, WEEKLY or Monthly basis. Man hours can only be posted for the period between the current active fiscal year of the organisation.

Release strategies
MHPS has inbuilt release strategy in place to monitor the data posted in the system. The release strategy works in three stages:
  • Check and release through the user
  • Check and release through the cost centre head
  • Check and release/export through the administrator
Information System
  • A comprehensive and user friendly information system is available in the system to browse through the data available.
  • Using the development platform, additional reports/printing documents can be generated for further operations
In all the report lists, the user is given a functionality SORT or SEARCH on a particular column or decide upon the number of ROWS PER PAGE.

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